Let’s bring your ideas for Puhinui Warkworth to life

Let’s walk, talk and bring your ideas for Puhinui Warkworth to life in-place together!

We have captured the community’s ideas for the Centre Plan, and started to make sense of how they will become reality in Puhinui Warkworth. Now, we are inviting the community to take part in refining and testing these ideas, and to make them come alive in your community. 

We are moving from ‘what’ you want to see in the community to ‘where’ and ‘how’. We will talk about things like what infrastructure and design might be needed to make this idea come alive? And where do you imagine these ideas and activities taking place or being built? Do these ideas in these places work for you and your community?

On Friday 09 and Saturday 10 December, 2022 we will be at the Masonic Hall and you’ll have different opportunities to participate through:

  • A guided walk through different areas of Puhinui Warkworth to help visualise how your ideas will look in place (10.30am and 2pm on Friday; 10.30am Saturday). 
  • A self-guided walk where you will be given a map and you can take yourself, your friends and whānau around the different areas.
  • A drop-in centre in the Masonic Hall where there will be maps on the wall for you to interact with.

To RSVP to any of these activities please complete this form so we have an understanding of numbers.

There will also be an online guided tour where you can hear about the different ideas and what they might look like in place and have the opportunity to provide feedback.

Pass on to your networks! And feel free to contact harriet@communitythink.nz if you have any questions.


09 December, 2022:

  • 10.00am-4.00pm drop-in centre at the Masonic Hall
  • 10.30am guided walk
  • 2.00pm guided walk

10 December, 2022:

  • 10.00am-12.00pm – drop-in centre at the Masonic Hall
  • 10.30am guided walk